Behind the scenes: the story of Sacred Hearts church


Photo: Taylor Russell

One of the buildings that remains standing after the fire.

In the heart of Konawa, Oklahoma lies the ongoing mystery of Sacred Hearts Church. This enigmatic village is not only a target for ghost hunters, cult rituals, and partying teens, but a historic landmark.

Established in 1876, this village later became a convent and a school for girls. Eventually being used for a monastery, boy’s school, college, convent, and a church.

One night, in 1901, a fire broke out in the Boy’s dining hall and quickly spread. After a few hours, the buildings were demolished and the fire was so large, it was said to be seen from Purcell.

The entire mission was destroyed except a few buildings. Today the only buildings remaining are the bakery and the two story log cabin.

Although nobody died in the fire, many have claimed to experience paranormal sightings or voices. Shadowy figures, ghosts of monks and priests,  and animal cries have all been seen or heard around the church.

One spectator says handprints have been pressed against their windshield while sitting in their car at the church. Another says they’ve experienced attacks from shadowy black figures.

A big issue with the historical site being so popular for ghost hunting is people damaging parts of the buildings trying to climb through windows.

The gatekeeper of Sacred Hearts asks for the public and its youth to respect the places’ property and the one’s buried there.

If you do plan on visiting Sacred Hearts, make sure to get appropriate permission from the owners before entering.