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Spider-Man: No Way Home Review
Spider-Man: No Way Home Review
About the Writer Finch Wingard, Staff Writer • September 26, 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021) With Spider-Mans identity revealed and all of New York in an uproar, he is now unable to live his normal life as Peter Parker and have his...

It feels no different to be a citizen. Really I was one before I just didnt have the paper work to prove it. The process of becoming a citizen, well, its a lot paper work and they have to process it and then you go take the oath for your citizenship. And a fun fact is like everyone that was at the swear in were all Chinese kids that had there citizenship taken away. The reason I got my citizenship taken was because over the years since I was adopted there was a time from 1996-2006 that was the grandfather period. So we were all grandfathered in. Basically when you are an international adoption, when you touch U.S soil you are automatically a citizen but they never gave paper work to prove it. I was really angry because I tried to get an Oklahoma licences transfer from New York and for some reason they wouldnt do a transfer. They said I had to retake my road test and I didnt think that was a big deal. I went to take my road test and they said I couldnt because I didnt have proof that I was a citizen and that was a huge set back on me and I felt really bad for my mom because she had to drive me around all of the time and I needed to start depended on other people all the time for rides. It sucked because I didnt want to have to take time out of someone elses day but they were nice enough to help me out. Deborah Thornton.
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