Health Fair

On November 20th, 2014, Ada High HealthCorps hosted the second annual health fair. The health fair is a fun way for students to learn about different things to keep their bodies happy and healthy. There were sixteen booths hosted by different clubs, classes, and other organizations around Ada. The booths were large in variety and ranged from skin cancer to meta-cognizance.

Mrs. Merchant, the HealthCorps Coordinator at Ada High, ran the fair and helped the different groups. She helped them to decide what their topic would be and how they would go about representing them.  The different booths were:

Skin Cancer by BPA, which promoted sunscreen and preventing Melanoma. The students who ran the booth passed out sunscreen and chap stick to help raise awareness.

Health Corps club had a banana bread booth which helped encourage students to eat healthy.

Get Fresh! Diabetes booth which helped students to know how to prevent getting diabetes.

Philosophy Club hosted a brain health booth which promoted meta-cognizance and eating brain healthy foods. They also had some brain games to  help challenge your brain.

White Rock fitness hosted a fitness booth where kids good try different exercising in order to earn prizes.

The White Rock dietitian was there showing the students what a healthy plate looks like on a Frisbee.

The Chickasaw Nation had a dental booth and talked about different health issues you can get from not taking care of your teeth. Students who went to their booth also got a free tooth brush.

Real vs Processed foods also made an appearance to teach about which foods better benefit you.

Healthy foods on a budget showed students what healthy foods they can get while trying to save money.

You Need Movement was ran by the cheerleaders and promoted fitness. Students got the opportunity to try different exercises to get their very own pair of health corps sunglasses.

Another booth was called Party With Portions which helped show students what size portions they should have on their plates.

There was also a booth called Don’t Sugar Coat it, their booth showed how much sugar is in everyday food items.

Fat facts was another interesting booth that discussed different facts about fat.

The Fast Lane talked about different ways to keep on track with being healthy while you’re on the go.

The Positivitree was a tree where students could put positive thoughts to help keep them happy.

The last booth was Hydration station it promoted drinking water to help keep healthy.

The health fair was extremely successful. Student Samantha Fuller said, “I loved the health fair it taught me so much about how to be happy and healthy.”