Journalist of the Week


This week’s featured journalist is Isabel Gutierrez. Isabel’s birhtday is August 14,1996.  She has 3 younger siblings two brothers named Daniel (13) and Miguel (8) and one younger sister Tanya (15). Isabel has a yorkie names Maggie.  Her favorite colors are purple, scarlet, light pink and teal.  Isabel was born is Los Mochis, Sinaloa Mexico.  Her hobbies include running, drinking lots of water, and she is also involved in Ada’s Colorguard. As for Isabel’s favorite thing to do in Journalism?  We’ll let her tell you,

“I love intelectually stimulating my frontal lobe by writting informative paragraphed articles about our educationaly enhancing body of students and their enviornment.”

Well, that’s Isabel for you….. 🙂