The New Ada High: Pandemic Edition

Finally we are back in school! It seems like it took forever and a day for us to be back, but finally we are here. There have been some MAJOR changes that have occurred. For one thing let’s talk about the obvious, the masks. They are a new addition and prerequisite for attending school. They are definitely something that has gotten mixed reviews from students and teachers alike.

In an interview with Brailey Bush, who participates in performing arts, I asked if she thought the mask mandate was being received positively by students.

“ I think the high school is doing fairly well, obviously no one likes to wear a mask but no one has been difficult about wearing one and overall it seems people don’t mind it that much.” Bush said.

On the other hand in an interview with another student Sereniti Daniels she had a bit of a different opinion.

“ I think it has been mixed, but overall it has been mostly negative. No one has really wanted to wear a mask, obviously they have too but nobody wants too.” Daniels said.

Pictured above are performing arts kids practicing singing for their musical. (Photo: Genesis DeLodge)

In an interview with Ms. Duncan, who teaches math, I also asked her thoughts on the changes at school and how she thought the students were taking the mask mandate. 

Because we’ve all transitioned into using Google Classroom and other technology, I’ve had to rethink and rework everything I do in the classroom.” Duncan said. “Technology is supposed to make things easier but sometimes, especially at the start, it just doesn’t. I have not yet heard of a student upset about wearing a mask and so I think it’s been positive. In public, I still see people without wearing them when they should be, but I’ve been impressed with the student body for all wearing masks when they should.”


Some other recent changes to school which is completely new to most schools in the country is students now get the option to choose if they want traditional schooling (in person teaching, going on campus, etc.) or go online with the high school’s curriculum or an even newer form is flex schooling (doing both online and traditional schooling). We also have distance learning days at Ada High. They happen almost every Friday and for that day instead of going into school students will stay at home and complete assignments and check in with teachers like a normal school day.

Pictured above is Coach Seth Adams taking a players temperature.


Sports like football have continued with the start of school. They have been extra cautious with how they proceed with practices and games. They even put out a statement on September 9 that helped to detail extra precautions that they are taking during games going forward. Some of those precautions include taking temperatures and monitoring the health of the players.  Other extracurriculars, like theatre and math club that have after school events, are also taking every precaution necessary to ensure that students and teachers are staying safe and healthy. Theatre has even managed to make a socially distanced show.


Things at Ada High have certainly changed in a lot of ways but one thing that hasn’t is the love and passion for not only learning and teaching but also the school pride. In fact I think it’s stronger than ever this year, especially within the senior class. Things are looking hopeful and bright and that’s all we could ask for.