Ghostly Ideals

Ghostly Ideals

Ghosts, we’ve all heard about them but do we all believe in them? We went around and asked some Ada high students and staff if they believe in ghosts, and here is what they have to say.

Mrs. Bray told us, “I believe  Ghosts are real because every night I am haunted by the ghosts of past students.”

A Junior named Kelsey told us “No, I don’t believe in ghosts because they are just made up for propaganda.”

A senior named Samantha said, “Yes, I believe in ghosts I have a friend where in her house you can hear ghosts murmuring at night. There is no other explanation for the voices.”

Mrs Wakefield’s opinion on ghosts is, “I do not believe in ghosts. They are just made up for Halloween.”

Heres some of the most haunted places in Oklahoma:

Now Lets see what science has to say:

Lee Krystek from says,” There is no scientific theory involving physics to explain how ghosts would work. This, however, does not prove that ghosts do not exist. For many years scientists refused to believe in meteorites because their falling out of the sky was sporadic and not predictable or repeatable. Scientists also viewed the universe as perfect and had no theory to explain how there could be little pieces of extra rock floating around in space.Of course, meteorites do exist and they now have been observed on many occasions. They also fit in with our current scientific theories. Might we one day be able to prove ghosts exist?”

While Nolan Moore of says, “Humans can hear sounds up to 20,000 Hertz, but we’re unable to detect anything lower than 20 Hz. These “silent” noises are called infrasound, and while we can’t hear them, we can feel them in the form of vibrations. Dr. Richard Wiseman says we can feel these waves, especially in our stomachs, and this can create either a positive feeling (such as awe) or a negative feeling (such as unease). In the right surroundings (see “creepy house”), this might create a sense of panic.”

All in all science hasn’t seemed to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts, but there are scientific explanations for some paranormal activity. Many scientist are attempting to disprove ghosts and  many are trying to prove them. Just like the meteorites maybe one day we will find evidence that Casper is really among us.