The Buggy Zombies

The Buggy Zombies

Zombies, while they have been proven possible what is the likely hood that a full on outbreak will happen. In bugs it seems as though it could become possible.

We know that the female emerald wasp the Ampulex compressa creates zombies out of cockroaches.

“With two stings the cockroach is left with the ability to walk, but is entirely robbed of the power to initiate its own movement. The wasp, now tired after administering two stings, regains its energy by cutting off the ends of the cockroach’s antennae, and drinking its blood. Revitalized, it then latches on to the stung cockroach’s antennae and, much like an obedient toddler being lead to his first day of school, the submissive insect follows the wasp’s orders.”

There are other parasites that also have the ability to turn bugs such as pill bugs (roly-poly), ants, crabs and spiders into their zombies. Roly-Polys are turned into zombies by a parasite that resides in bird poop. Ants are turned into zombies by fungi the fungi infects the ants and then uses chemical influence to cause the ants to carry out their will. The crab turns zombie by interacting with the Sacculina barnacle which nest inside of the crab. The emerald wasps also take over a Costa Rican spider.

All in all we now know many things about how zombies exist through out the animal kingdom. With this knowledge just how plausible do you think an outbreak in humans might be.