Nothing left to do but rant about Valentines Day

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Some  people know the story behind Valentine’s Day. About good ole saint Valentine. It’s ridiculous it’s called feast of saints but no one really knows why either.  I do know the Saint was imprisoned for providing weddings for soldiers who were not aloud to get married and for ministering Christians I won’t really get into all of that. My point is it was supposed to be a love story of sort. Just a different kind then we are all used to. Now in the 21st century, companies and corporations are making it about who can spend the most money. As if your partner or lover will not be happy if you don’t. Women and men have high expectations and are often let down if someone can not afford the thing that is desired. Honestly it’s great some people are in love or whatever but they don’t need it to be measured with gifts. Unless they’re just that shallow.