My Top 10 Favorite Marvel Superheroes

The year of 2020 is finally here and journalism is back better than ever. With the start of the new year, I didn’t see any better way to start it off right, other than writing about something I love. In this article, I am going to talk about my top 10 favorite marvel superheroes and why I believe that they are the key characters to making the MCU come to life. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the list.

1. Captain America

Taking the number one spot on my list is the one and only, Captain America. He does not only fight for truth and justice, but he fights for the little guys that aren’t able to hold their own. Plus, he fought in World War II, and come on, he defended the grounds of the American people from Nazis. You can’t be much more grateful towards a man who rescued and fought alongside us when we needed it most. The only Avenger who has the most relatively same stance and platform as Captain America was his sidekick, Bucky Barnes aka Winter Soldier. He may not be a god with powers of thunder and lightning, or a wizard who can change the form of all things around him, but this isn’t really about power, it’s about my favorite superhero and he proves his spot through both war and peace.

2. Scarlet Witch

In second place on my list is the mistress of magic, Scarlet Witch. She is by far one of the biggest characters in the MCU and she has gained increasing power and skill, from her very first appearance in Avengers: Age of Ultron, all the way through the biggest MCU movie Avengers: Endgame. She is one of the two mutants that have been introduced to the Avengers team, and she is the only one that has made it this far from the battle of New York to Berlin with her soulmate Vision, a cybernetic being capable of holding the mind stone, from the previous creation of Tony Stark, J.A.R.V.I.S. Her character progression has shown throughout the past three movies, truly and solely the moment where she took on Thanos (by herself) and Avenged the death of her brother, Quicksilver, that is until Thanos pulled an aerial attack on the entire battlefield.

3. Thor

In third place on my list is the God of Thunder himself, Thor Odinson. He does not only carry around a hammer that is unable to wield by those not worthy but he can summon lighting and thunder to wherever he wishes. And not only that but he can channel it through his body with the need of Mjolnir or even Stormbreaker, which we can see at the end of Thor: Ragnarok. Though his part in endgame was not my favorite, I still hold him up on top because everyone, at one point in their lives, with have a downfall of many sorts. I love this character because he has held his own among many others, experiencing the death of his mother, father, his brother alongside his people, as he was in the room with the dead bodies of the two on a spaceship in the middle of space itself. If anything, I want him to get more recognition for these heroic acts of kindness and honor that we see in these films.

4. Daredevil

In fourth place on my list is Daredevil, The Man Without Fear. This marvel superhero is blind, due to an incident when he was young, where a car accident occurred and spilled chemicals into his eyes after he saved an old man from being hit. Even without sight, he can sense everything around him by using sound to guide him, like when he uses this ability to hear the breaths, footsteps, and many other types of sound. He’s a catholic lawyer, though he is known as the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen as he protects the city of New York. Since he is a catholic man, alongside the lawyer business with his friend Foggy Nelson, and secretary Karen Page, he never kills his targets but he lets them live as a hint of redemption, just like Spider-Man. Even though the criminals that he fights may deserve no mercy, he still makes a decision against his morals to give them another chance to go back to a life well needed.

5. Spider-Man

In fifth place on my list is the webslinger himself, Spider-Man. He’s a lone wolf at this point in his life, with no mom, dad, aunt, uncle or even siblings, according to the story line of Insomniacs Spider-Man PS4 video game. He is one of the very few Avengers without any superpowers, with the exception of his spider sense and the ability to crawl anywhere he pleases. He is also one of the very few to be a self made hero, as he made the outfit, web shooters and web ingredients needed to shoot his own homemade webbing. Though it is never established what he is in his choice of religion, Spider-Man never kills, which is probably just based off of the person that he was raised up to be or through his own morals. The only version of Spider-Man that I see as a true example of his character is Tom Holland’s rendition of the character as he has the mind set and physical style of a teenage boy like he was meant to be and he reacts the same way that we do, which is probably why he is so popular, through relation. He hugged Tony Stark when he was getting “blipped” and he felt as though Tony is the only father figure that Peter had to go off of, and again in Avengers: Endgame when he met up with Tony again, just before he cried of Tony’s dead body.

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6. The Punisher

In sixth place on my list is the mercenary of might, Frank Castle aka The Punisher. Frank Castle began as a your average military soldier, that was until his family was gunned down by the mob in cold blood. As payback for his insubordination during a black ops mission that he found morally repugnant, that the government – not the mob – orchestrated the deaths of his own family. The reasons why I love the Punisher is he avenges the people in his life that could not and didn’t have the capability to fend for themselves. And from all of this, I’m surprised how he really isn’t even considered an Avenger at this point in his life. He fights for the loved ones that he’s lost and he continues to feed on that anger in order to put an end to the rest of the members and the mobs and government, until he sees that the crime they have committed has been paid in full. In my eyes, the Punisher is the rated r Marvel version of John Wick, as both fight for the deaths of the only thing that matters to them and they take what they want until everything feels like an even playing field. He is a hero and he does what needs to be done in order to bring peace to his city.

7. Doctor Strange

In seventh place on my list is the guardian of the universe, Doctor Steven Strange. In the beginning of Steven Strange’s journey, he was an actual doctor or surgeon if we want to be specific. But everything changed after a car accident causes him to suffer severe nerve damage that takes his job out of the picture so he decides to find a cure to nurse him back to the man that he once was. He learns the mystic arts from The Ancient One, Wong, and his now rival, Mordo. He restores the nerves that he once lost, and he was placed with the powerful warping crystal called the Time Stone. Using time to his advantage, he saved the world from a space originated being named Dormammu and saved the earth from destruction. Doctor Strange is all powerful and is by far, one of the bet defenders that the MCU has to offer. He doesn’t go through the deaths of his loved ones, but he puts himself in that situation. He does what needs to be done to make the world at peace, the most he can. One of the most powerful beings on earth, he uses his powers to defeat evil and keeps the earth from its demise.

8. Black Panther

In eight place on my list is the king of Wakanda, King T’Challa aka the Black Panther. This man has it all, from the rule over his people to his entire roster of gadgets and weapons in his arsenal. He battled for his right to be where he is, and he stands as the king of Wakanda with no negative thoughts towards any of his opponents. He is a defender, who uses words before he puts himself and his rivals into combat. As a true king, he brings order and justice to those who call upon it the most. His suit absorbs his opponents energy through attacks, and he can use it to send it back to those around him with a powerful blast, when he feels the need to. Following his ancestors footsteps, King T’Challa does anything and everything he can possibly do to protect not just his people, or even Wakanda alone, but those around him who seek to be allied in their own separate wars.

9. Rocket Raccoon

In ninth place on my list is the only person that isn’t even human, who is also part of the Guardians of the Galaxy team, Rocket Raccoon. Rocket is one of my favorite Marvel characters because he is always taken as a little creature with nothing to add to the superhero area, but that just brings the real him out. He lost the love of his life on a planet called Halfworld due to scientists trying to do surgery on both humans and animals to put the minds into the many creatures that they encounter. His lover didn’t make it but he made it out, as the most soft-hearted and the most raged creature known to man in the MCU. There is nothing more that I love than a character who is an underdog from one of the most tragic losses who comes back to the top as the most incredible hero known to man. There is nothing that will get me to stop loving Rocket Raccoon and his character because he is one in a million.

10. Deadpool

In tenth place on my list is the merc with a mouth, Wade Wilson aka Deadpool. Wade Wilson to the regular person would seem as a normal everyday guy, and his career as an assassin is not to be seen. He is diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he tries to fight the disease by undergoing an experimental treatment that gives him a superhuman healing ability, but it doesn’t get rid of the cancer that he had before the procedure. Ever since he made it out, he went by the name of Deadpool and he kills people that need to be taught lessons in everyday life. In the comics, the is turned immortal by Thanos when he flirted with Mistress Death behind his back, which at the same time keeps it pretty close to the modern representation of his character. He’s foul mouthed, bad minded, and he is one of the biggest if not only comic reliefs in the Marvel universe. He has the body of a grown man, and the mentality of a 12 year old, and just knowing this by watching the movies makes it just that much better each time. Though he does have a lot of negative traits, I still love the fact that he knows everything inside and out, even when he doesn’t look like he has everything under control.

And that’s just about it for this article, for my top 10 favorite marvel superheroes. If you have any more suggestions for what I should do next time, let me know and I’ll consider putting it on the website for the next article. Thank you for reading this article, I hoped you enjoyed it. And I’ll see you next time.