Great Teachers


What makes a great teacher ? A great teacher is someone who truly loves their job and cares about their students. Great teachers are few and far between, but Ada High has a lot of great teachers for example: Jamie Weston, Deanna Compton, Pamela Wakefield, Christie Jennings, Melissa Wright, Sherri Wright,Richard Truitt, and many more.

However, today I want to honor one who is very special to all of her students, Shawn Freeman. Freeman may come off a little mean, but she is really one of the greatest teachers I have met in 14 years, and many of her students feel that way.

“Mrs.Freeman is a great teacher because she genuinely cares about each and every one of her students. She takes the time to pour into and love all of them. I will miss her because over the last three years she has specifically spoken into my life and made me a better person than I once was. I honestly would not would not be the person I am today without her,” says Court Teal, AHS Senior.

Freeman does a lot around Ada High. For example, she is a Chemistry teacher and the Mock Trial adviser.

She takes time out of her day to come help her students. During mock trial season, she takes time out of her evenings to come and work with us help us succeed in our goal off winning state. However, even if we don’t win, she is still proud of us and says we’re winners in her eyes.

“Mrs.Freeman gives up her time to help her students succeed. I am thankful for her and the love she has for us and Ada High,” says  Kenzie Dean, AHS Junior.

She has touched the hearts and lives of many students and has changed them forever. There are few people who could make a impact on that many students, but this amazing teacher did just that, and that’s why she is a great teacher.

“Thank you Mrs.Freeman for all you do. We all love you very much,” said Kane Moore, AHS Senior.

Again, Ada High has no shortage of amazing teachers, but in my experience, Freeman is one of the best. Thank you, Mrs.Freeman. We all love you, and you are a great teacher.