Shazam! Why it will be the start of a new beginning for the DCEU

Shazam! (2019) is a movie about a young boy named Billy Batson (portrayed by the young actor Asher Angel) who always fights against bullies at school. Even though he may not seem the most powerful, he still keeps up a good fight when it comes to the matter. But little did he know he has much more in store for him and his future alter ego, Shazam (portrayed by the much loved Zachary Levi). Billy Batson’s story begins by riding a subway and everything around him starts to go abstract with a foreign language displayed on the LED lights inside the train. After the suspicious ride on the subway, he meets up with a peculiar man who tells him that he has been chosen to be the hero of his story–all he has to do is say the name “Shazam.” Once he says the name of Shazam, he becomes a muscular and unknowing superhero. Throughout the story after the event, he has to learn his ego’s strengths and weaknesses on his own. This leads up to the action packed film Shazam! Shazam! should be the best DC Extended Universe (DCEU) film following the big release and highly anticipated film Aquaman, which means a lot to those who have seen the film and those who love the work of the DCEU team alongside the DCEU cast as a whole. In this article, I will explain my reasoning as to why the film Shazam! is going to make a huge impact on its audience and the rest of the DCEU as they continue to move in the future.

Given that Shazam is one of my favorite characters, I am alongside many others who have loved the character from the beginning of his release of the series in the 1990s titled “Power of Shazam” by Jerry Ordway. I honestly can’t imagine anyone else to portray the role other than Zachary Levi. The role of Shazam is very unique when it comes to other superheroes at the time, because most are serious and more adult rated, but Shazam is aimed more towards the kid (basically the Spider-Man of the DCEU). When it comes to the superhero cinematic universe as a whole, the audiences can get bored with all the seriousness of the main protagonists and it is a great idea to throw in a fun-loving character, which is why I compare Shazam to Spider-Man. Though their powers are nowhere close to being alike, the characters as a whole are very similar.They are both kids at heart and in real life while the majority of other super heroes are adults. This makes the character’s identity more relatable and unique. We feel closer to the character which helps the character strive throughout their journey, and leaves us wanting to see more of them as time goes by. The character itself is vital among all other factors, which creates a base and story in order to get the movie to go nowhere but up.

The film in its entirety has caused massive anticipation from all audiences, and we can’t wait to see what this film can possibly set up for the future. I love this film because of the way that they are planning to aim the DC industry in a way that deflects any mistake or disaster that could go in its path. Over the years, we have gotten many DC films, some which barely hit the main focus of the characters or some that hit every detail and focus point which helps it become a masterpiece–each one better than the last. I feel that, over the many years, the DC industry has got quite a bit of feedback on where to go next in order to please the audience more so that they can accomplish what they need to have planned in order to create a mutual benefit between the two groups. And when I look at this film, it looks like they weren’t rushed or distracted while they were making it, which is what many film companies do in the modern day superhero movies like this one. The movie is well thought out and accomplished what audiences wanted and needed to save the company from falling apart from the comics themselves.

I can see why this movie stands out and I can only hope that they do what they had previously done on the last film, listen to the audience, learn from the past, and spice it up to the point where everyone gets a new and fresh look at the heroes alongside villains. Because of the way that the movie is structured it can easily pull the character of Shazam off without screwing it up as long as they stick with the criteria. Though I am not a DC fan as much as I am to Marvel, I can tell that this film is the key that they need in order to start fresh and rise to the top with the support they have had previously and are gaining along the way.

The impact of this film, when it comes to the DCEU, will cause a lot of minds to open up to the franchise as a whole. In the past, many people have stated that the Justice League (2017) was not the best film to represent what the DCEU was in its entirety. But I feel that this film will change all of that, because not that long ago I watched Aquaman (2018) in the theaters and I felt that it really held up the character, plot, and team as a whole to eventually increase the impact and sustainability of the franchise when it came down to film making. This film, in my opinion, will really improve the group as a whole. Leveling the playing field with Marvel, I believe that this is literally the Captain Marvel of the DCEU because this is what we have been waiting for–a character to come into the movie franchise that we haven’t seen before, who is the one and only of its kind to take the place of leading their said group.

The film will sustain the power of the film franchise, and will strongly lift the franchise higher than it has ever been before. There is a reason why this character/story arch draws me in so much, it is because the same thing has been happening to my favorite group over at Marvel. In both of the opposing teams, the same film structure is being built over time, which is a mental roller coaster for the audience, and bringing this film into the mix will be the most anticipated drop of the whole ride. It makes the franchise what it truly is. Just like Captain Marvel on the Marvel side of things, this is the film that will lead this franchise into the next phase of its long line of films yet to come. Given that this is going to be the next step in the right direction for the DC team, the movie could lead to a lot more story lines for the years to come. This film is going to be a masterpiece affecting itself alongside the industry.

Shazam! is going to be one of the biggest films that we have ever seen when it comes to the DCEU film industry. With the release date of April 5, 2019, audiences are getting hyped even more than the day that the trailer came out. I know that this film is still in the process of being complete but I can definitely say that it is a film that you don’t want to miss. I hope everyone will appreciate this film as much as I do, and I believe that this film is going to knock competition out of the park, creating a new path for the industry to walk across as time goes by. This is why I believe Shazam! Will please audiences and fans alike, and how it will push the industry as a whole to its furthest extent.