PDA in school

PDA in school

Disclaimer: This a rant about a specific topic and is not directed towards specific individuals.

Public display of affection, also known as P.D.A., is a common pet peeve of mine, and I assume many other people in society agree. It has evolved, like everything else in our generation, but some have crossed the line.

PDA at school… I come to school like everyone else to learn… and because it is mandatory. For fifty minutes, we set in a class and learn about the specific core topic, and then we have five minutes between each class to take a little break and get to the next class. The break, for some,  has turned into intimate kissing sessions.

Watching other people kiss or touch isn’t very appealing, and I am sure they are others that would agree. I am all for liking one another and having a crush, but if you’re going to show affection, I would advise doing it in secret. The kissing alone is unappealing, but the couples have actually been in the way of others, which is becoming a real problem amongst affected students.

How can this situation resolve, though? Couples should not only respect themselves, but the peers around them. PDA is not okay at school.