How Sweet Was the Sugar Bowl?

Couganns’ Perform During Half Time.


After months of hard work and fundraising efforts, the Ada High Couganns finally realized their dream of performing in front of a national audience.  The Couganns performed during halftime at the Sugar Bowl on New Year’s Day in New Orleans, La.

The Couganns participating in the performance were:


  1. Camryn Horne
  2. Caden Johnson


  1. Natalie Jack


  1. Mckinlee Stafford
  2. Chandler Crawford
  3. Whitni Simpson
  4. Kaitlin Blankiship
  5. Emily Bagwell
  6. Shelby Meaders
  7. Meredith Morris


  1. Keely Machin
  2. Maggie Hood
  3. Andrea Solerio
  4. Aly Fornerez

The sugar bowl had a total of 600 dancers and 1,000 band members. The Couganns learned the Half-time routine before leaving for New Orleans. Once they arrived, they had several hours to rehearse with the other dancers.

“It was a really amazing experience that wouldn’t have ever happened without the Cougann organization. The whole atmosphere and vibe of New Orleans was so much fun and so lively. Performing in front of 80,000 people was something none of is had ever dreamed of. It was an honor to be able to work with a well renowned choreographer, Chris Judd. We all had a wonderful time bonding and creating memories that will always stay with us,” said Natalie Jack, Senior Cougann.


“The performance was spectacular! The Sugar Bowl Committee said it was the best half-time show to date,” said Cara Waters, Ada High Cougann Coach.

According to Waters, the squad will continue to learn from this experience and grow as a squad.

“There is always room for improvement no matter if you are a dancer, athlete, artist, writer… Whatever passion area you have.”