Introducing the Ada High Cheerleaders

About the Writer Mahli Rogers, Staff Writer

This year the Ada High Cheerleaders have a new coach named Randi Howard Wilkins. She has helped the team improve tremendously. The Cheerleaders are constantly working on new stunts, cheers, and dances because of her great coaching.

  • Alyssa Mcgilbray
  • Ashlynn Rolen
  • Ava Thompson
  • Ella Billingsly
  • Jill Miller
  • Kamryn Kaye-Lea
  • Kennedi Peters
  • Mahli Rogers
  • Mallory Hutchins
  • Marybeth Johnson
  • Micayla Hutchins
  • Sadie Bennett
  • Ashlyn Yingling-beckham
  • Kami Johns
  • Lexie Inslee
  • Morgan Mcfarlane
  • Peri Thomas