Parking lot safety


Photo: Ashley Worth

Ada High parking lot

As the excitement of another school year begins, so do some of the recurring issues plaguing high schools across the country.  Ada High is no exception as parking lot etiquette and safety remains an issue once again.

With the construction going on in the parking lot, a lot of students are becoming frustrated trying to find a place to park their vehicles. Students who have paid the ten dollars for their parking spaces are unable to park there because other students have taken their spots.  Administration is working to have the parking spaces and numbers repainted to help alleviate this issue.

Another parking lot related issue this year is speeding.  Students should obey the speed limit of the parking lot. There is a huge ticket for speeding in a school zone, and that includes the parking lot. The fine for speeding in a school zone can result in a ticket of up to $200 and possible suspension of one’s license.

Using cell phones while driving continues to be very dangerous and problematic, even in the parking lot. While driving the best thing to do is put cell phones somewhere that it is out of sight and out of mind to avoid being tempted to use it while driving.

Seat belt safety in yet another concern.  In Oklahoma, it is against the law to drive without a seat belt. The first offense for driving without a seat belt is a twenty dollar ticket.

When driving in the Ada High parking lot, it is important to look out for pedestrians and other drivers. Accidents may result from inattentive driving.  Ada High has already had multiple accidents in the parking lot this year.

When asked how safe he felt the parking lot is, Brenden Compton said, ” Some times it is. It just depends on the way people are driving.”

Tips to better parking lot safety:

  1. wear a seat belt
  2. drive the speed limit
  3. watch for other drivers
  4. no cell phones while driving