Let the Arrows Fly


That time of year when couples spend time together for Valentine’s Day.  Is Cupid shooting arrows into unexpected lovers like in the times of old?  If that’s true, then the history of this trickster is important information.  In Greek mythology, Cupid’s name is Eros and is the son Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Cupid is called mischievous as he shoots arrows of love at both gods and humans alike.  Cupid’s arrows signify the desires and emotions of Valentine’s Day.  In Roman mythology, Cupid is the true name of the goddess of love, Venus.  There is a unique story about Cupid when he fell in love with a mortal named Psyche.

Cupid’s mother, Venus, ordered him to punish Psyche because Venus was jealous of Psyche’s beauty.  When Cupid saw Psyche however he fell deeply in love with her. Psyche and Cupid lived in a palace with beautiful gardens.  The only rule for their love was that Psyche couldn’t look at Cupid for he was a god.  Psyche’s sisters finally convinced her to look at Cupid.  Cupid punished Psyche by leaving her, taking the beautiful palace and gardens with him.  Psyche then wandered aimlessly looking for her true love.  She finally found a temple of Venus and asked the goddess to destroy her.  The goddess sent Psyche on a series of tasks that got more and more dangerous.  The final task Venus sent Psyche on was to go to the Underworld and collect some beauty from Proserpine in a box.  Psyche was warned not to look into the box at all costs.  However Psyche ended up looking in the box and didn’t find beauty but deadly slumber.  Cupid soon found her lifeless body on the ground.  Cupid gathered all the deadly slumber from her body.  Cupid then forgave Psyche, as did Venus. Psyche was then turned into a goddess because the other gods were moved by Psyche love for Cupid.

Valentine’s day is a special day and Cupid is supposedly still  looking for people to fall in love after a shot from his bow.  Love is in the air but so is Cupid so have a happy Valentine’s Day!