Teenage journalism: Interaction with the public


Photo: Malli Pingleton

Interviews for journalism!

One of my favorite aspects of getting to write for the Cougar Call is all of the interaction I get to have with the community. Any time there is a big event, I have to be on the scene getting pictures and interviews.

Anytime something particularly good or bad happens, I am always quick to be there to get the scoop. This requires me to be more involved in the community than I would usually be. I get to ask civilians how they are feeling about the current situation and learn a lot about our town and the people in it.

I would say my favorite interaction would be from some of the video interviews and games I’ve produced this year. When you’re designing a game show, there is a lot of room for creativity. There also seems to be a lot more feedback on videos and articles that feature random students because everyone loves to see themselves online.

Dixie Redman, AHS sophomore, has been featured in some of these videos.

“It was just random, but it was fun and embarrassing to see myself up on the screen,” said Redman. “I would be more likely to share it [videos] with people  because I’m just like ‘Hey, look at me bein’ an idiot!'”

Without the community to use as a resource, our articles would be a lot less personal and interesting. If there was a tragedy in a small town, everyone would want to know how the people involved were coping. This is why quotes and first hand encounters are so important to journalism.

There’s a certain beauty that comes with photographing the public. You get to explore the different perspectives of the town and the way the events are viewed differently by all people. I will forever cherish the way journalism gets me off of my laptop and out into the world, observing the town and the way it works.