Senior Superlative winners announced


All-Around Senior Boy Finalists:

  • Coleman Prince
  • Landen Underwood
  • Troy Shaw
  • Rylan Burrows


All-Around Senior Boy:

  • Coleman Prince


All-Around Senior Girl Finalists:

  • Lillie Speed
  • Jersey Gregory
  • Kortni McNutt
  • Andrea Solorio


All-Around Senior Girl:

  • Andrea Solorio


Mr. Cougar Finalists:

  • Kobe Burgess
  • Tanner Gillam
  • Clay Balthrop
  • Deland Cobb


Mr. Cougar: Tanner Gilliam


Miss Cougar Finalists:

  • Aly Forneris
  • Grace Anderson
  • Brittnee McComas
  • Halle Goodwin


Miss Cougar:

  • Brittnee McComas


Senior Superlatives:

  • Class clown: Josh Frederick & Keely Machin
  • Most likely to start a band: Ethan Boles & Nixie Eppler
  • Most likely to be late to graduation: Jarred Bailey & Taylor Russell
  • Most unique laugh: Clay Balthrop & Halle Goodwin
  • Most changed since freshman year: Rylee Gray & Kaedin Daniels
  • Best bromance: Brooks Davis & Walt Labove
  • Best gal pals: Hayley Gregg & Brittnee McComas
  • Loudest: Shavon Harrison & Makinna Eaker
  • Quietest: Chase Imotichey & Briana Ryan
  • Most likely to appear on Broadway: Will Brock & Valeria Oseguera
  • Biggest flirt: Deland Cobb & Emma Crabtree
  • Most likely to brighten your day: Tanan Martin & Sadee Crowder
  • Worst driver: Dakota Truelove & Morningstar Roberts
  • Best dressed: Coleman Prince & Lisa Roberts
  • Biggest teacher’s pet: Landen Underwood & Aislinn Beak
  • Most likely to end up married to each other: Reese Hamilton & Jersey Gregory
  • Most likely to be the mom/dad friend: Ethan Dodson & Brinley Blankship
  • Most likely to become an Instagram celebrity: Erik Ludlow & Yasmeen Begum
  • Most likely to win a rap battle: Adam Anderson & Iesha Jackson
  • Life of the party: Tyler Bellard & Addison Cram
  • Most likely to win the voice: Seth Riden & Maggie Hood
  • Best beard/hair: Blake Pettigrew & Nyah Stephens
  • Most obsessed over their vehicle: Roy Guiterrez & Brooklyn Riley
  • Best Snapchat stories: Demarrus Callahan & Andrea Solorio
  • Most likely to become a pro athlete: Kobe Burgess & Dixie Redman
  • Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket: Hunter Bennett & Ashley Gregg
  • Most likely to do anything for $10: Logan Braly & Kaley Watkins
  • Most artistic: Daniel Wellington & Reagan Wilson
  • Best to bring home to mom/dad: Tanner Gilliam & Grace Anderson
  • Cutest couple that never was: Ryan Hagar & Makayla Nipper