Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving traditions

As November comes around each and every year, families start to plan on what they will do and where they will get together with that year, and who will bring what food. Traditions are one of the best things about holidays in general, and that being said; Thanksgiving is one of the best times to get together and carry out more traditions. Around the high school, every student’s family has a different tradition.

McKinlee Stafford, Ada High Sophomore say’s her family’s tradition is: “I go to my aunt Debbie’s every year, and my whole family comes, and then my aunt Sherry bakes noodles she only bakes once a year and we eat pumpkin pie.”Kinlee Thanksgiving


Christian Maloy, Ada High Sophomore describes his Thanksgiving plans. “My Thanksgiving traditions are when my family comes down, and we hangout with them. We eat turkey, and… more turkey.”



Nazareth White, Ada High Junior says, “I eat with my family at my grandma’s house… every year.”

These are only a few of Ada High school students many traditions that they celebrate each year.