Mock Trial Scrimmage

On Monday, January 19th, the mock trial group went to their first tournament scrimmage of the year. They competed against advanced level teams from all over Oklahoma. The group will be competing against these same teams later on in the regular season.  Mrs. Freeman and the kids in mock trial left 6:15 am so they could make it to Tulsa on time. The event was held at the Courthouse.

“Overall I think we did really well,” says Hannah Kaiser, “A lot of it is thinking on your feet.” For the first scrimmage of the season, they did really well! The group says they worked very hard and are proud of the effort they put in.

Court Teal made 3rd best witness out of the entire advanced category. As a group they made it past the first round with no problems. However, in the second round they went against a more advanced team and were unable to move on.

To prepare themselves for the tournament, the members would scrimmage against each other as much as possible. Mrs. Freeman says, “It was a great learning experience because most of the members have never competed before, so they were able to see their strengths and their weaknesses.”

Congratulations to the mock trial team for doing a great job at their scrimmage over the weekend!