Making Money With Econ Students


The general economics class is in the middle of a project. The class was broken into five teams. Each team was given $10.00. They had to use their $10.00 and any other resources to come up with a product to sell. The teams will be striving to turn some sort of profit and be original at the same time. They will be competing to see who can sell the most of their product during ten minute break through January 28th.

The entire general economic class participated in this project. Economics teacher, Ms. Jennings is excited about the impact of the project.  “Everyone needs a general understanding of economics. Whether we like it or not, we are all faced with making the most out of the money we have.”

Class members include:
Kaylee Abbott
Riley Alexander
Garrett Beam
Pooja Bhula
Samuel Brown
Christopher Calaway
Ryleigh Cooper
Tristan Doffin
Taylor Durr
Osahwv Frazier
Quinton Gregory
Tara Horton
Quaid Johnson
Natalie Keel
Justin Latham
Avery Logan
Jakob Martinez
Brendan Mcclure
Trent Norred
Ian Saint
Gabriel Simons
Jamie Smith
Mckenzie Sockey
Aneli Thomsen
Justin Tipton
Zac Watson
Olivia Wells