Trip Down Memory Lane: Halloween

Trip Down Memory Lane: Halloween

Everyone has some story of what happened to them on Halloween.  There are the spooky ones, the extremely funny ones, the serious ones, etc. Whatever type of story it is, someone has one. The Cougar Call went on the prowl for some great memories of  Halloween.


Ashley Worth says ” one time Jacob, Kayden,and I went to a haunted house in The Oaks, and while we were walking through the kitchen of the house this little bloody goblin thing grabbed my legs from the corner, and I kicked her, right in her scary face.”


Jessica Honeycutt remembered that ” Two years ago my best friend went as an old lady and got hit on by a really old man.”


Becky Robnett said, “In 5th grade I dressed as a mime so my friend stuck me in a box.”


Aaron Compton told the Cougar Call that, ” I watched my sisters scream in terror at a haunted house.”


Darren Hawkins remembered “One Halloween, when I was 6, my dad pushed me into a set of armor, and it almost crushed me.”


Sarah Reynolds says, ” One year, when I was 5, my parents dressed my twin sister and I as Lord of the Rings elves.”


Mrs. Weston said, ” when I was six, I was a mouse for Halloween. When I got home and dumped all of my candy out, someone had put a slice of cheese in my trick-or-treat bag.”


The Cougar Call hopes you make many more Halloween memories this year!