HealthCorps Common Cold Cures

What to eat to fight that cold!

HealthCorps Common Cold Cures

It’s that time of year. You feel as if you should be wearing a face mask….EVERYWHERE. Colds and flu are going around. Are you a victim? Try eating some of these foods to aid your recovery!

#1 – ONIONS – helps fight the viruses that cause colds

*Ideas on how to use them: as toppings/garnishes for salads, sandwiches, omelets

#2 – SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS – boosts the immune system

*Ideas on how to use them: similar to onions, mix into salads and omelets

#3 – GINGER – helps circulation and clearing the sinuses and lungs

*Ideas on how to use it: use as a spice on meats, poultry, and fish and in stir fries

#4 – ┬áNATURAL YOGURT – contains good bacteria that helps prevent respiratory infections

*Ideas on how to use it: have some for breakfast and top with fresh fruit and low fat granola; use as a fruit dip; use to make healthier versions of dips and dressings

#5 – CINNAMON – has long been used as medicine

*Ideas on how to use it: sprinkle on oatmeal, smoothies, toast, apples, coffee, and tea

#6 – GREEN TEA – decreases virus activity

*Ideas on how to use it: steep in hot water and drink slowly=) Enjoy!

#7 – GARLIC – has anti-bacterial and anti-viral characteristics

*Ideas on how to use it: season meats and veggies with some minced garlic

#8 – GRAPEFRUIT – contains a lot of vitamin C!

*Ideas on how to use it: cut it up and mix with other fresh fruits for breakfast or cut one open and eat it straight from the peel!

#9 – ROSEHIPS – don’t know what it is? it is the fruit of a rose plant and contains more vitamin C than oranges!

*Ideas on how to use it: in soups and stews

#10 – WATERCRESS – again, packed with vitamin C!

*Ideas on how to use it: in soups and salads, on sandwiches

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Happy Curing!