Senior Superlative winners announced

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Senior Superlative winners announced

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Most likely to do anything for $10:

Nathan Fountain & Starla Wood


Best Snapchat stories:

Skylor Meyers & Sadie Criswell


Biggest trouble maker:

Chris Allen & Asia Rasmussen


Most likely to start a band:

Caleb Manning & Emily Rhyne


Most accident prone:

Harrison Boggs & Emily Bagwell


Most likely to appear on Broadway:

Mitchell Galbreaith & Mar Miller


Best dynamic duo:

THOGS & Chandler Crawford/McKinlee Stafford


Most likely to become a meme:

Charlie Harmon & Maggie Johnson


Most changed:

Anderson Allen & Shelby Meaders


Class heartthrobs:

Lincoln Gibson & Malli Pingleton


Life of the party:

Ethan Clark & Kalynn Daniels


Most likely to lead a protest:

Izaack Powell & Jacie Buck


Born in the wrong decade:

Ben Muse & Abbie Gandy


Class Clown:

Zac Martinez & Kaitlin Blankenship


Biggest flirt:

Kylen Cooper & Makenna Strunk


Cutest couple that never was:

Christian Maloy & Makayla Emarthle


Best person to bring home to mom:

Zack Powell & Mackenzie Bratton


Biggest drama king/queen:

Jackson McFarlane & Rhyle Sutton


Most likely to be duct taped to something:

Jackson Southard & Karsyn Johnson


Best celebrity look alike:

Brian Fox & Meredyth Morris


Teacher’s Pet:

Paul Harris & Cory Rubertus


Most likely to become a trophy husband/wife:

Ross Kemp & Nicole Lowry


Best smile:

Grant Bellard & Maleigha Cowart



Hunter Conklin & Presley Hayes



Ben Wilber & Angelle Nazareno


Most obsessed over their vehicle:

Garrett Rhynes & Hailey Ellis


Most likely to start a Twitter beef:

Nik Newby & Olivia Beall


Most unique laugh:

Bryan Moses & Addison Mann


All-Around Senior Boy Finalists:

Izaack Powell

Zack Powell

Paul Harris

All-Around Senior Girl Finalists:

Lauryn Hawkins

Meredyth Morris

Olivia Beall

All-Around Senior Boy Winner: Paul Harris 

All-Around Senior Girl Winner: Meredyth Morris


Mr. Cougar Finalists:

Mitchell Galbreaith

Grant Bellard

Zac Martinez

Miss Cougar Finalists:

Karsyn Johnson

Nicole Lowry

Sadie Criswell

Mr. Cougar: Mitchell Galbreaith

Miss Cougar: Sadie Criswell




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