Women may be required to register for the draft



Women may soon be required to enter the draft.

For a long time, women everywhere have advocated for equal rights and equal pay on all levels. Their newest equal rights may soon include draft equality.

According to the New York Times, as of Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2016, the senate passed an expansive military bill which would require all women turning 18 on or after Jan. 1, 2018 to register for the draft. The bill will now go to the house of representatives, and if approved, on to the executive branch which has the power to veto.

The draft is a system in which all able men can be required to be deployed in times of need. The draft was ended in 1973, when the United States switched to an all voluntary military force. Since then, it seems highly unlikely that the draft will ever become active again, but we still must require people to register “just in case.”

Failure to register for the draft could result in loss of federal aid, and is a felony punishable by a fine of up to $250,000.

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The bill has a divided audience amongst both male and female demographics. Those who oppose the movement argue that it will be ditching traditional conservative values, meaning the man should fight and the woman should stay home. Those who support it argue that it will be a great step forward in gender equality. Some supporters are actually hoping for the bill to stop gender equality advocates from furthering their fight for equal rights.

Dixie Redman, Sophomore is not an enthusiastic supporter of this new bill.

“I feel that no one should be forced into military labor; if you’re willing to sacrifice your well-being and labor, then you should, but no one should have to,” said Redman.

The Selective Service System features a link for men to register for the draft.  If passed, a registration link for will be added. President Donald Trump has yet to comment on the issue, nor does his website reference the draft.