Movie review: Pixels


In the movie Pixels, gaming prodigy Sam Brenner (Adam Sandler) and his best friend Will Cooper (Kevin James) have known each other since they were teenagers. When Brenner competes in a gaming championship, he wins every round and puts himself in the final round against the legendary Eddie Plant (Peter Dinklage). He and Cooper also meet Ludlow Lamonsoff (Josh Gad), who is in love with Lady Lisa from Dojo Quest. It is announced that the game-play footage of the championship will be recorded and placed in a time capsule that will be sent to space in hopes of contacting other forms of life. Brenner and Plant face off in a game of Donkey Kong, which Brenner loses.

Several years later in present time, Brenner installs home theater systems for a living, and Cooper ends up being the President of the United States. A military base in Guam is attacked in a way that resembles the classic game Galaga, and Cooper struggles to understand the source and reason. With Brenner’s gaming knowledge, they learn that they’re being attacked by aliens that are simulating the games sent to them years ago, and that they’re declaring war with Earth being the ultimate prize. Brenner and Cooper rally Plant and Lamonsoff to assist them in defending their planet.

Sony Pixels Trailer

This movie was fun to watch; it was both interesting and entertaining. How some of the games were implemented to real life were very clever, and the graphics were realistic and high-quality.

Overall, this movie was pretty good. It lacked a serious tone, especially when the whole world was in danger, but things were settled in the end. Whether or not you’ll really enjoy this movie, depends on if you’re into games, especially the classics.