2020 Book Review

  In a time like this you are either stuck at home or working, and while you are at your home you may have tried to make your boredom go away but failing in the process. I personally had my boredom solved by reading and lots of it. It’s something that can spark the imagination side of your brain that many people have never experienced before.

     So for today I am going to share a few of the wondrous books that I have had the option to read in the past year. Also, an honorable mention that has a place in my heart.

     Starting off we have a book that honestly made me really see the world and want to change the bad things in it, it is called Dreamland Burning by Jennifer Lathan. The story behind this book brings light to racism, Tulsa race massacre, and even character development in general. I read this book at the end of 2019 and I believe going into the next year and It made so many more things make sense. I then educated myself on many things after and during the reading of this book making me see so many things I never noticed in the past.

     Systematic racism was also another thing I looked into and really got an understanding of what it was and how much it affected the people around us, especially those of color. So if you would like to know more and educate yourself on things that you need to know, I would recommend this book 10/10.

     Next up we have an educational book but it is non fiction so everything that happens has all happened, it is called The Innocent Man by John Grisham. This whole story is actually based here in our lovely town of Ada. I’m sure you’ve heard about the documentary that was put on Netflix but didn’t actually know there was a book. It has about 650 pages and is actually really interesting, I stopped reading about 100 pages in because my brain didn’t want to pay attention to it anymore but I do recommend it if you like a little fright 6/10.

     For our next book we have our honorable mention that has truly been one of the most amazing books I have ever read, It is called The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. Now this story is a bit more on the mysterious side along with stuff some people are scared/worried to talk about. It involves the loss of a family member and transitioning to the other side of life and more onto the bad side of things. I don’t want to spoil too much of the story but if you do not like to read there is also a movie about it and it was one of my favorites growing up, I’d watch it almost everyday. So for me the book gets a 10/10.

     That’s all we have time for folks! I really hope you have the time to read any of these because they are all great and really informative about issues we have today. So yes hope you enjoyed this little thing I have written up for you, have a great rest of your day bye.