IDs at Ada High School


IDs are a new policy for Ada High school this year and students have their own opinion on them. “The ID’s are being worn by 7th-12th grade students and all faculty members for several reasons. The ID’s are to help identify who is allowed in the building, they contain meal scan for cafeteria, identification for in case of an emergency, and it has the number for the suicide crisis hotline. Beginning in the 2023 school year it will be a law in Oklahoma that students have the printed number to the suicide hotline. We started this a year early to begin implementing the ID’s so everyone can get used to wearing them. There have been several schools across the state that have required ID’s for a couple of years.” Vice principle Kolby Howry states “I think from my standpoint ID’s are useful by determining who should or shouldn’t be in the building. Also, it allows in case of an emergency we can identify students or faculty. School safety is at the top of the list for everyone this year and the ID’s can help with school safety.”

Senior Jonathan Cozad states “…There was no prior warning, they decided to have a photoshoot of all the sophomores and just used last year’s pictures for the juniors and seniors all in one day. Now we have to show it every day and if you forget it, you get punished…” Other seniors sharing many the same confusion and feeling towards the new found policy. Sophomores having a similar reaction to the new policy. “I don’t really understand the point of them.” Sophomore Tristin Alexander stated. As well as Junior Justice Hagar stating¬† “I don’t like that I have to carry them around all the time.”

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