In Loving Memory of Victor Aguinaga

Victor Aguinaga was born on August 3, 1998 and passed away on January 27, 2016.

Victor was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic leukemia in July of 2015. He was admitted to OU children’s medical center shortly after he was diagnosed.

Victor was a friend of everyone. Not only was he a friend but he was a brother. He could make you laugh or smile at the most inappropriate times and even when you didn’t have the best day.

Victor had a way of making everyone around him brighten up. You couldn’t be mad or upset with Victor around. He was someone you could talk to when you needed to talk, or someone to laugh with when you were upset. There was just something about him that would brighten your day. Even if you didn’t know him his presence was enough to make you smile. He was never in trouble, and always wanted people around to have a good time.

Both in and out of school Victor was always with his friends. He was a very caring person. Victor wanted everyone to be his friend. Those who knew him were truly blessed to have been able and are still able to call him a friend. He will always be missed and wanted back home, but Jesus gained an angel that he can cherish for eternity.

During his funeral, many tears were shed. Throughout the mass, the preacher said, “He was a friend, a son, and a brother. Although it is sad that he is gone, he is with our Lord Jesus Christ. He is home.”