Fun in the sun

summer stories of Ada High

The students and staff of Ada High School had a variety of different summers. Here are a few.


“I attended the Upward Bound math and science [programs] at ECU. I interned at the Sam Noble foundation.” Tanner Davis – Sophomore


“I toured South Eastern, but while there my arm swelled up. Turns out it was a blood cot, [and] now I take two shots everyday.” Brandon Stephens- Junior


Heather Manuel


“My favorite thing was probably going with my brother to Sea Grove Florida, even if he was a little banged up!” Bailey Henderson- Senior

Bailey and Braden Henderson enjoying the in Pensacola Beach, Fla.
Amey Henderson
Bailey and Braden Henderson enjoying the sun in Pensacola Beach, Fla.


“Going to Savannah, Georgia was the best part of my summer.” Julie Lawson- Librarian


“I started working at Burger King.” Joshua George- Senior


“I went to the beach with my daughter and her four friends. My daughter and I also went to the zoo. We saw the pandas, and one of them ate so much bamboo that it fell asleep.” Donna Keel- Secretary


Heather Manuel


The highlight of my summer was “visiting family in Northern California.” Alyssa Rhodes- English teacher


“This summer I took advantage of all the rain, stayed inside, and read lots of books. What else would you expect from an English teacher?” Jamie Weston- English teacher


“I work[ed] on moving up to a shift leader at McDonald’s” Brian McClure- Junior


“I went to the Caribbean on a cruise” Rhyle Sutton- Sophomore


“I went to Colorado twice. We went hiking, water rafting, and mountain bike riding.” Malli Pingleton – Sophomore

Baker's Bridge, Durango, Colorado
Malli Pingleton
Baker’s Bridge in Durango, Colorado
Malli Pingleton and Maleigha Cowart at Lionsden
Sydney Pingleton
Malli Pingleton and Maleigha Cowart at Lionsden