The Great Exchange


Japanese Interact is an organization that is connected to Rotary, a civic club in Ada. This club helps prepare for the arrival of our 15 Japanese students that come and stay here for 3 weeks. They have meeting at lunch for those interested in learning about the Japanese students.

This is a great learning opportunity for both sides. They get to embrace the American life style, while we get to learn about there culture, things they do over there, and how they live day to day.

In order to host a Japanese student, have fill out a host form and wait to be selected. Once selected, hosts look at the information on all of the Japanese students and pick someone with similar interests.

The Japanese students will be arriving this year on Thursday, March 5, 2015. During the time they are here, they will be experiencing many American traditions and activities. They will be running the ropes course at Cross Point Camp, have S’mores, and experience a square dance.  They will also visit the Chickasaw Cultural Center and go to the Murrah Building Memorial.

If you are interested in becoming a host, it’s not too late!  See Mrs. Creed to pick up a form.