Gifts for the Nerds in Your Life

Everyone has one person in their life who is impossible to shop for. Those people usually consist of the major nerds; the ones who talk about all this science stuff you don’t understand. Most of the time the things the ask for you could swear aren’t real and are only in movies. I am here to help you find those gifts.

For the friend who wants to travel the stars with the doctor the perfect gift can be found on They offer a constellation bow tie.

Senior Victoria Murray says,” Doctor Who is one of my favorite shows a bow tie with the stars on it is the perfect Doctor Who accessory.”

Another great place to find gifts for nerds and geeks is they have a wide selection of character hoodies. They even have a Spock hoodie with ears and all. has a list of 101 Geeky gifts every nerd will love. This list includes some of the classics such as a Spock oven mit and a Tardis cookie jar, but it even has things like the useless box kit. “The Useless Box Kit is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever wondered ‘what that switch goes to’? Admit it, we’ve all done it. Now you can flip the switch on the box and have your curiosity satiated. Or will you? The box turns itself off in the blink of an eye and the mystery begins again!” These gifts will be sure to rattle the minds of your curious friends.

All in all finding gifts for everyone on your shopping list can be hard but it doesn’t have to be. Nerds and geeks alike will love anything off this selection of gifts.