What Are You Doing This Summer??

What Are You Doing This Summer??

This summer will be filled with laughter and fun. There will be working, pool time, walking, running, parties, band camp, and a lot of heat. You will find a ton of ways to have fun, and stay cool. Here are some of the things some people are doing this summer:

Kacie Mankin:

He will be going to Europe, Colorado, and Panama Beach. He has a fun filled summer ahead.

Mrs. Tarron:

She will be working on her vegie garden, and working on her yard. She is also going Camping and Bass Fishing. She is so very ready.

Obama Jr.  (Ruslan Hinson):

He is planning a summer full of practice for Basic Training, and Working all summer. He is going to be sore by the end of summer.

Desirea Shaw:

She will be sleeping, and eating most of the days,. She is also going to the lake, and going camping, fishing, and hunting (boys.) She will be babysitting, working, and partying.

Kyle Denewith:

He will be working most of the Summer.