15 Things You Don’t Know About Me: Summer

15 Things You Don't Know About Me: Summer
  1. School’s out!
  2. The Eiffel Tower grows in summer. It’s made of iron, which expands with heat. As a result, the Eiffel Tower can grow more than six inches in hot weather.
  3. Ice cream is sold the most in July
  4. Three holidays occur in the summer in the USA. Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.
  5. Swimming all day everyday!
  6. Summer Vacations with either friends, family, or both.
  7. Staying up late and waking up even later.
  8. Tanning.
  9. Watermelon is a vegetable.
  10. The first Summer Olympic Games were held in 1896 in Athens.
  11. No homework!
  12. Lazy, relaxing days.
  13. Fun, hot, short days.
  14. Going to the lake and/or beach.
  15. School’s out!