15 Things YouDon’t Know About Me: Jericho Carpitche

  1. I have a cat named Stephen.
  2. My name is extraordinaryily messy.
  3. My mom is white.
  4. Lady Gaga is literally my life.
  5. I’m really awkward around people.
  6. I am actually perfect.
  7. My favorite color is flourescent beige.
  8. I don’t illegially download music.
  9. I own two copies of GTA V (ohh kill em).
  10. My birthday is July 4th.
  11. I finished the first season of The Big Bang Theory in one day.
  12. I ran a red light like two days ago.
  13. I’m an avid online shopper.
  14. One time I slept for 18 hours.
  15. I’m better than you.