Journalist of the Week

This weeks journalist of the week is Autumn Nicoal Rodgers. She is sixteen years old and was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma on November 13, 1997. She has 5 beautiful dogs named Lucee, Pepper, Rosie, Bosco, and Sadie. She has a younger brother named Stephen who is 6, an older brother named Justin who is 26, and a older sister named Melissa who is 24.  Her favorite memory is when she was 4 and her father was in the military and he surprised the family and came home for Christmas. Her favorite basketball team is the Thunder and her favorite football team is the Green Bay Packers. She said that she loves all food except for asparagus and weird seafood. Her favorite school subject is Biology with Coach Weber and her least favorite subject is math. She wants to be a traveling musician and missionary when she grows up because “The world loves music and needs Jesus.” Her best friend is Kate Pottebaum. Last but not least, her favorite thing about Journalism is that she loves hanging out with Camry and eating food… and something about the stories?


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                                              Cameron Large