Ada fights for playoff spot


Photo: Donnieta Ray

The Ada Cougar football team on the 2016 Media Day.

On Thursday, Oct. 20 the Ada Cougars traveled up to Tulsa Central to fight to keep a spot in the playoffs and came out with a much needed win. The win over Tulsa Central, 30-6, keeps the Cougars’ hopes alive preventing them from being eliminated from playoff contention. The team poured their heart onto the field and ran away with a big win in what was predicted to be a close game.

Ada will have a tough game ahead of them this week against Blanchard, both coming off of huge wins. The Lions will be a battle, but the Cougs have shown that they can pull it off and have the potential to make it to the playoffs.

Lincoln Gibson, starting wide receiver for the Ada Cougars feels optimistic about the match-up.

“Blanchard is a pretty good team, solid offense, but our defense has what it takes to stop them in their tracks. Coming off of last weeks win, the team is looking forward to a good week of practice and we are going to try and get that win this Friday,” said Gibson.

Gibson is excited to show the offensive power of the Cougars this Friday and is hoping to come out with the win. Ada must win these next two games in order to make it to the playoffs. Blanchard will be a tough competitor for the Cougs but they hope to go all the way.

Senior, Jacob Granger, had a few words to say about how the Cougar O-line will do this week.

“The O-line is going to come out strong as ever against the Lions’ defense and will show them who the better team is by our work ethic and we are just going to dominate them. I feel that after our win against Central has shown that we can function as one now and execute the plays the way they should be done,” said Granger.

Granger is game ready and doesn’t expect to let a single man off the line. Granger feels QB should feel more protected than ever standing behind the line he has in front of him. He is confident in the power of the Cougar offense  and that they will start the game off strong and finish the game even stronger.

Colby Eaker, starting wide receiver, said, “I feel that the game this week against Blanchard is going to go real well if we execute right and do our jobs individually and as a team we should come out with a “W”. We felt really good after the win against Central, we spread the ball around real well, me and Adam Anderson, we took control of the offense with the help of our QB Jackson Mcfarlane, so it was a solid performance all around.”