What’s Fear?


Photo: Tyler Mitchell

Spiders! Oh No!

What is fear?

Fear is an emotion like love, happiness and sadness. Fear, like any other emotion, can effect how one acts; Even the smallest fears play big roles. Everyone fears something, it’s different for everybody.

Ada High senior, Addison Mann has a fear of fuzzy caterpillars; she panics when someone else touches one. Alongside fuzzy caterpillars, she has a fear of butterflies.

“I like to watch them,” said Mann. “They’re pretty but they’re still scary.”

People have different ways of dealing with fear. Brain Games, a T.V. show on National Geographic Channel, calls it “Fight or Fright.” For instance, many people have a fear of spiders. If a spider is on the floor, a person might fill with fear and flee the scene. However, others that run into spiders may experience the same fear but instead of running, they kill the spider to rid themselves of the fear.

Fear is not a bad thing all the time, fear can actually offer help at times. Let’s say a student has a fear of failing classes. To avoid failing, the student studies and works hard to be proactive in their schooling. However, that doesn’t always make fear a good thing. Fear can make you not want to do something even though you need to do it or to you enjoy doing it. For Example a person loves Sports but fears he/she is not good at the sport and don’t want to let people down or to be made fun of. So that person can’t do what he/she would like to do even though they never know.

Christine Louise Hohlbaum said “Fear can be a very good thing indeed. It has it’s place”

Some people think fear is only in your head so it’s not real people like Dale Carnegie thinks it something you can beat and overcome your fear.

Dale Carnegie an american writer says “If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get Busy.”

People can overcome fears but its not as easy. people say ‘face your fear’ but its not that easy fear is Scary people are to scared to face it so people try to get bold and face their fears. People try different methods like pretend its not there or its not going to hurt you like ‘See no evil hear no evil’. For Example a person is scared of snakes and they want to overcome that fear. So that person tries to hold a snake to overcome it; It can both way’s you can develop a fear from a bad experiences.