Shrek The Musical does not disappoint


The Ada High performing arts production of Shrek The Musical -a long awaited, highly anticipated performance- hit the stage in mid-November for a week of top-notch theater. Students, families, schools and many members of the community waited patiently for the arrival of show week and Shrek did not disappoint.

Shrek The Musical lived up to every expectation and then some. The acting was exceedingly impressive, the dancing was a wonderful addition to each song, and the singing took the musical to another level. The humor throughout the show was just the right amount of sophisticated and silly, and the student’s dedication to their characters was wonderfully evident.

Each student portrayed their character to a tee and added a level of elegance and authenticity to the production. The show was perfectly cast. Meanwhile, dance core’s costumes, choreography and professionalism were admirable and outstanding. Each number was filled to the brim with excitement.

Behind the curtain, stage crew was hard at work changing scenes, moving sets and making sure the show ran smoothly. Stage craft built incredible props and sets that made the musical feel just like the movie. Their efforts provided a realistic set and a show that was the talk of the town.

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Performing arts’ success was primarily thanks to the support of their instructors. Merrie Palmer, Martin Hill and Micah Gordon worked diligently with their students every day- in and out of class- to put on a show worth remembering. The spectacular vocals, harmonies, and projections were all due to the musical directing of Gordon. Her assistance throughout rehearsals was a huge help according to the cast, and it’s clear her efforts paid off greatly.

From comedic performances, such as “Story of My Life,” to heart wrenching ballads like “Who I’d Be,” Shrek The Musical kept the audience on their toes and engaged in every scene. The actors rolled with the punches and improvised if ever there was a technical hitch or wardrobe malfunction, the dancers left their hearts and souls on the stage and the singers followed suit. It’s safe to say Shrek The Musical can go down in Ada High history as one of the best performances to reach the Ada Cougar Activity Center. Performing arts is one force to be reckoned with.

Bravo, Shrek The Musical! You made a believer out of me.