Ms. Mango tangos with testing stresses

Ms. Mango tangos with testing stresses

Dear Miss Mango,

I am a high school student who honestly cares about my grades. Yes, each day I go to school and do loads of homework, while learning new lessons in each subject, and then I go home to do several more hours of work. The amount of work that is put on us students each day is a problem, but it isn’t what is stressing me out. We have EOI testing coming up, which stands for “End of Instruction”, and no matter how much homework I complete, or how much stu(dying) I do, nothing is going to prepare me for it.¬†

We also are required to take Benchmark tests, which basically shows where each student is at in their subject. All I really know is, if the questions that were on the Benchmark are on the EOI, I will be very disappointed, because I was completely lost while taking the test. Do you have any advice about tests or how I could stop stressing so much? Thank you so much!


Stressed out student 

Dear Stressed Out Student,

I agree, the whole testing system is very complex. All you can really do is try hard on the regular school work and keep your grades up. There are more than likely tutors around you that can prepare you for what is on the test, but take everything one step at a time. Stressing out doesn’t do much except overwhelm you. Your best bet is to relax and not over-analyze your true knowledge. I hope I could help!