Should trick-or-treating have an age limit?


Photo: Ariel Skelley

People have often wondered if there is an age limit for trick-or-treating. People seem to want to stay young and live the way they did before they had to grow up.

There comes a point when people just need to grow up. Once you reach high school, realistically, you need to grow up. Once you’re in high school, you should have a job, and if you need to have candy on Halloween, you could just go to the store and buy your own candy. Let the little kids go door to door and get candy.

Teenagers should by now have a job or at least some sort of income. They need to realize how much it costs to be independent. After they realize that then maybe they would see how much they spend on costumes to dress up for Halloween.

Everyone is young once and had a chance to trick-or-treat. Now, teens should let the young kids have their chance to trick-or-treat.

I would prefer not to see teenagers dress up for Halloween, partially because their choice of costumes is sickening to me. Either they are inappropriate or they set a bad example for kids. Kids look up to older teenagers to set a good example, and it looks bad to see a sixteen-year-olds inappropriately dressed up as someone or  something that kids look up too.

Trick-or-treating was created for children. It should stay for children and not for children at heart.