Top ten scary movies

Halloween is just around the corner, and as the holiday arises, so do all of the scary, but cheesy Halloween movies. Are you thinking about having a movie night soon? Here are the top ten scary movies you should be checking out:

10.) The ConjuringTop Ten Scary movies

When Carolyn and Roger Perron move into an old secluded farmhouse with their five daughters, strange events begin to take place. As a supernatural presence makes itself known, and the situations escalate, the couple contacts Loraine and Ed Warren, paranormal investigators. As the investigators take a look into the history of the house, the Perron’s horrifying nightmare is becoming a reality. 

9.) A Nightmare on Elm StreetTop Ten Scary movies

A classic thriller re-made in 2010, Wes Craven’s film takes place in an old Mid-Western town, where teenagers are prey to the disfigured Freddy Kruegar. When time passes, the teens began to realize their worst nightmares are actually reality. A shocking twist occurs at the end, when you find out the truth about Freddy.

Scary Movie

8.) Halloween

This horror movie takes place in 1963 on a cold Halloween night, when a teenage boy murders his 17 year old sister. Michael is taken off to prison, but just a few short years later on Halloween, he is going to a court date and he breaks free. When he returns to his quiet old town in Illinois, Michael seeks out his next victims. 

Scary Movie

7.) The Messengers

                                              When a family from a big city moves to a small North Dakota town, they are quickly surprised with the creepy and eluded house. Teenage Jess, and her little brother begin to see terrifying apparitions, and live through the paranormal attacks.

Top Ten Scary movies

7.) The Ring

When a News Reporter, Rachel Keller, comes across the story of the haunted video tape, she thinks of it as silly, but when four teenagers die, she begins to be skeptical. Rachel tracks down the tape and watches it, with the a limit of seven days left on her life, she must figure out the mystery.

Top Ten Scary movies


6.) The Descent

When a group of friends make a big decision to explore in dark mysterious caves, they are surprised with cave paintings and evidence of an earlier expedition. The girls suddenly realize they are not the only ones underground in the cave, and one by one, each woman have a certain encounter with the inhumane kind.

Top Ten Scary movies

5.) The Strangers

When a couple chooses to take a getaway at a family vacation home, it’s anything but peaceful. A real nightmare comes to life when three masked torturers show up around the house, the first peaceful getaway turns into a game of survival for their lives.  

Top Ten Scary movies

4.) Insidious

When a couples son is taken away by paranormal activity, they have to take drastic measures to get him back safely. They realize also, their son isn’t the only thing occupied with the malevolent demons; their house is haunted as well.

Top Ten Scary movies

3.) The Exorcist

When a young girl starts acting odd, her mother contacts a doctor. As the girl endures very violent, and strange encounters, nothing seems to help, until a priest comes to believe she has been possessed by the devil. This old movie, based on true events has been around for several years, and is still one of the most known horror movies of all time. 

Top Ten Scary movies

2.) Sinister

Book writer Ellison Oswald hasn’t had a good hit in almost ten years, he becomes desperate. When the opportunity comes up to live in the house where many tapes have been recorded of families deaths, he jumps to it, and moves his family in. After discovering actual tapes themselves, Ellison realizes that it isn’t all just a myth… It’s a nightmare. 

Top Ten Scary movies

1.) Dead Silence

When a man’s wife is brutally murdered, he returns to their dreary hometown to unravel the mystery. He suspects that a doll, the only person who really had access to his wife of doing the killing, and when he hears the tale of Mary Shaw, his suspicion doesn’t seem silly anymore.


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