Things You Should Know About AVID

AVID Tutoring Program


As the new school year continues, and the word AVID circulates the hallways, many are left wondering, “what is AVID?”

Jacky Lopez, Junior AVID student of Ada High School, proudly defines what AVID means to her, describes the benefits of AVID, and explains how AVID has helped her strive for her profession.

“AVID signifies as a advanced challenging class to me. Since being in AVID these past three years, I’ve learned to do my work on time, and also interact with both teachers and students. It encourages me to improve my grades, to make goals to graduate from both high school and college, and go into my medical career. All together, I’m beyond happy being in AVID and thankful for all the teachers that pushed me to continue my goals,” said Lopez.

The purpose for AVID in each school system is to prepare students for college in every aspect of their lives, such as writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, and reading. AVID trains students in a way to get ready for the bigger opportunities in life such as going to college. AVID is not only for college because students get used to the preparation and throughout life these tactics become useful, it helps the students out for future requirements in the long run.

One of the major opportunities AVID students have, is the use of a tutoring program.

The purpose of the AVID turtoring program is to provide quality tutors with a wide variety of knowledge for student tutoring. The tutoring program is structured around the completion of Tutorial Referral Form (TRF), which adheres to a strict set of rules.

When the AVID students present their Tutorial Referral Forums, they first set up the board and prepare to present their confusing question.They then write their Point of Confusion, Notes, And Steps on the white board.

Next they give a 30 second speech of what they know and don’t know about the topic/question. The student then works what they understand. When they get stuck, the other students around then begin to ask questions leading to what the student needs to do to find the answer. The rule about the tutorials is that you can not blurt out the answer or tell the person that is presenting exactly what to do to find the answer. This allows for the presenter to enhance their own knowledge and get the correct answer themselves.

The tutor monitors and manages the tutorial session, and if no students can contemplate an answer, then the tutor takes advantage and helps lead the student to the correct answer.

“TRF’s have helped understand the topic that I am confused on since TRF’s make you think through your problems. They also have helped me with my fear of being judged due to the fear of my ignorant questions, but I’ve learned there is absolutely no ignorant question. I never feel like I am being judged because my peers are there to help me,” said Paige Carter, AVID Junior.

Carter, like many AVID students, distinguishes how tutoring has helped her overcome her fears and understand complicated issues, while also learning how to deal with them in the Tutorial Referral Forum process.

The tutors are a very valuable aspect of tutorials. They help AVID students succeed and strive for excellence. Trey Kenely is the AVID tutor that has been with the AVID tutoring program since the AVID program has started three years ago.

This tutor has created a bond with the AVID students over the years and enjoys going to the Ada High School on Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week to tutor the students. Trey really makes a huge difference in the AVID students’ lives by helping them improve their thought processes and helping them succeed in their core, honors, or Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

For the last two years, Terry Swopes, has also helped  by serving as a tutor for AVID. Swopes is a counselor for Ada High School, and in his spare time, he volunteers with the AVID program.

The AVID tutoring program is designed to help AVID students achieve success in the classroom, which in turn, prepares them for success in life.