Ms. Mango tangos with subtweeting

Ms. Mango tangos with subtweeting

Dear Ms. Mango,

Twitter is a regular social media site that I visit, and I know how much drama and negativity is in it, but I just can’t help but get on it. Literally, it’s like a black hole that just sucks me in, but that isn’t the problem I am talking about. I try to stay out of drama as much as possible, but a few people will not stop subtweeting me. Subtweeting is when someone makes a tweet that is directed towards someone but doesn’t tag them in the post. These people keep doing it to me, and although I don’t want to care, my feelings keep getting hurt… What should I do?


Twitter Distressed 

Dear Twitter Distressed,

Social media can be used for good and evil, which in this case, it is being used for evil. You have the choices to stop following the persons account, ignoring it, or just deleting the app altogether. I would lean more towards the third option, distinctly because it could happen again with other people, too. Your choice to stop following them could easily eliminate the problem, but again, it could happen with others and the negativity just is not worth the app. I hope I could help!