Thanksgiving activities


Photo: Peter Howard

Thanksgiving is a time to eat, spend time with family, and have fun. Whether you are in the kitchen or outside, Thanksgiving is a day set aside for your loved ones. Family comes together to celebrate all of the things that they are thankful for. For one day, you get to spend time with people that you usually don’t get to see. Even through the excitement, you still want to have a good time.

Over Thanksgiving, there are many fun things you can do. You can watch movies with the family, go outside and play football or basketball, or you can play board games with your family.

If you don’t like football or basketball, they aren’t the only things you can do outside. If you’re a child, then you can play hide-n-seek or freeze tag. An adult could talk and relax with friends and family.

There are many family oriented board games that are fun for the family. Some of the most well-known board games would be Monopoly, Pictionary, Chutes and Ladders, Sorry!, and Twister. You and your family can spend quality time together while still having fun.

You could go out with your family and watch the new releases at the local movie theater or you could play video games. Fallout 4 is a new, popular game that a lot of people have been waiting for.

Another fun thing to do would be helping with dinner. You could make the stuffing, help with the turkey or make a pecan pie.

No matter what you do, the point of Thanksgiving is to realize how thankful you should be for the things that you have.