There Can Be Only One

Dagorhir is a foam weapon sport based on the book The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien Dagorhir started in Maryland in 1977 by Bryan Weise.

Now it can be found  all over the world. The biggest event is a weeklong and is generally held in Pennsylvania it is called Ragnarok. General attendance for this event is around 1,500.

Oklahoma has a realm called Alterra. Alterran practices are held on Saturdays at Hafer Park in Edmond at 1and occasionally in Shawnee on Thursdays. Many fighters bring loner gear to practices so you can always stop by and try it out. Here is an Alterran Practice in action:

Many people wear traditional garb or old timely clothing here is a battle with full garb:

In Dagorhir you can use practically any kind of weapon you want from arrows to flails and you can even carry a shield. There are four classifications of weapons:

Blue weapons can be a sword, a two sided weapon, a flail or whatever other weapon that is smaller than 48 inches.

Red weapons are a swung weapon such as a large sword, axe, mace, glaive, or halberd.

Green weapons can be spears or daggers which have no striking surface they can also be a red or blue with a softer tip.

The last kind of weapons are yellow and white, whites are used with other weapons are rocks they must be completely foam and only count when they hit someone in the head. Yellow weapons are flight such as javelins and arrows. These are the only ones that can hit the head or neck area.

Senior Victoria Murray says, “I love the idea of arrows. I mean how often can you shoot someone with an arrow.”

The last way to fight in Dagorhir is with no weapons called grappling which is basically wrestling.

The rules are simple, weapons have a striking or a stabbing surface that can be used to do damage on your opponent.  When you place a shot on a limb the limb is lost if you hit the dead limb a second time it goes through and hits the torso resulting in death. When you use a leg you must either take a knee or call posting. Any shot on torso, back or shoulders is immediate death.

All in all Dagorhir is a fun way to excersize and be a proud  nerd. For more information  feel free to check out the Dagorhir website or go on the Alterra facebook page and ask questions.