Count Your Blessings

The holiday of gratitude is soon approaching causing people to think about what they are grateful for. Whether it’s family or friends, everyone is thankful for something or someone in their lives. It is certainly a great gesture but then comes the question, Why do we give thanks? What good is gratitude?

Interestingly, being grateful is beneficial to not only your mental well-being, but your physical health. Gratitude heightens quality of life.  According to Studies have shown that being grateful can affect a person’s body, mind, and relationships.Some examples of positive affects reported from those who practice giving thanks regularly, include:  Stronger immune systems, higher levels of positive emotions, and socially more helpful, generous, and compassionate people.

Giving thanks can be more than just stating a few things at the dinner table. Some people keep gratitude journals in which they regularly record things they are appreciative for. Some even have a thankful Thursday where they take a few minutes out of their day to think about the  special people and things in their lives.

As stated before, everyone is thankful for something in their lives so take some time out  of your busy schedule to think about what you have to be thankful for.