One Man’s Trash, is A Group of Students’ Art


To prepare for Earth Day, a group of students in Mrs. Walker’s 6th period Leadership class have collaborated to create art from recyclable materials.  As a result of the End of Instruction Tests (EOI’S) Earth Day’s celebration will be postponed from April 22, to May 1st.

The students: Brenden Compton, Chris Henry, and Ashley Worth came up with the idea when the class was asked to come up with projects that are creatively challenging. Other students made bracelets, built bird houses and planted trees and flowers around Ada High for the earthly occasion.

Some of the creative materials the student’s include plastic bottles, soda and soup cans, paper plates, aluminum, and even chunks of plastic in their junk art. Their creations will be placed in various places around the campus.


“For Earth Day, I decided to create wind chimes. I took some junk, threw on some paint, and made something cool. Why let junk go to waste when you can make such creative art.” Chris Henry  said.



Brenden Compton’s flowerpot creations.



“I had a lot of fun with this project. My group members were very helpful with finding supplies. I used old bottles and an old flower pot in my project. ”