Panthers Pounce on the Cougars Again

Courtesy of Ada Evening News

Courtesy of Ada Evening News

Another chance for the student section to be brought back to life as the Ada Cougars went up against the Harrah Panthers.  The last time the Cougars faced the Panthers, the Cougars suffered a defeat.  Ada wanted another win but the urge to beat Harrah was a stronger emotion.  The Cougars and the Lady Cougars were going to leave everything on the court.

The Lady Cougars tried their hardest to gain a lead but the Lady Panthers were a formidable foe.  The Lady Cougars were able to score throughout the game but were unable to gain the lead.  The Cougars on the other hand were able to gain the lead early in the game.  In the beginning, the Cougars were able to score easily.  As the game went on; however, the Cougars were slowly losing the lead they gained.  The game would depend on whether the Cougars would be able to defend against the Panthers.

The Lady Cougars were able to hold the Lady Panthers for a time but not forever.  The Lady Panthers soon were able to score back-to-back as the Lady Cougars did all they could to stop the shots from falling.  The Cougars were also able to hold the Panthers at the beginning of the match up.  The Panthers then suddenly turn on the intensity and started scoring baskets on the Cougars.  As the Cougars tried to control the Panthers,the Panthers surged past taking the lead with them.

The battle was well fought as the game came to an end.  The final score for the girls was Ada 35 and Harrah 46.  The ending score for the boys was Ada 44 and Harrah 60.  The Lady Cougars and Cougars have a lot to work on before they head up against Shawnee.  Continue to cheer on the Lady Cougars and the Cougars.