The Hunted Become the Hunters


Courtesy of Ada Evening News

The night air had a tinge of coldness as Ada rolled into the McAlester gym.  Both the Cougars and the Lady Cougars were in enemy territory as the varsity games started to begin.  The games ended differently but the effort in both games were undeniable.

The Lady Cougars’ offense was an awesome force that McAlester couldn’t match on the defensive end.  The girls were able to score whenever they want to as the clock continued to tick away.  The boys also got off with a great start as they scored easily.  The Cougars soon met resistance as McAlester began to pressure them and stopped drives toward the basket.

Ada’s defense was on point as they were able to stop several drives.  The Lady Cougars easily took the lead as they continually stop McAlester from scoring and being able to get back into the game. The Cougars were able to hold McAlester for the first half of the game.  As the second half began, the game slipped away from the Cougars as McAlester scored repeatedly.

The night was bitter sweet as the games came to an end.  The Lady Cougars had an easy win with the final score Ada 61 and McAlester 33. The Cougars suffered a horrible loss as the final score end Ada 49 and McAlester 50.  The Cougars went home to another defeat and can only hope in the near future for a well deserved win.